CBD Refrigeration and Airconditioning Services provides refrigeration and airconditioning systems for:

  • Prawn Trawlers
  • Factory / Processing Ships
  • Cold Hold Storage Ships
  • Fish Processing Vessels
  • Lobster Processing Vessels
  • Container Ships
  • Bulk Carriers
  • Navy Vessels
  • Submarines
  • Seafood Production Line Freezing
  • Brine Tank Seawater Cooling
  • Cruise Ships

CBD Refrigeration and Airconditioning Services is experienced in all aspects of refrigeration and airconditioning providing customers with a quality product and prompt service. Our knowledge of customer expectations and requirements means that we can anticipate your needs and offer you the very best service at all times.


24Hr Service Provided to all Customers

At CBD Refrigeration and Airconditioning Services we aim to make your project trouble free by providing you with designs that meet your requirements and your budget, using name-brand components that give reliability. Replacement parts are easily accessible world wide

We continually strive to improve our service by providing the latest technology along with open lines of communication